How to become a chiropractor?

How to become a chiropractor?

The requirements for entrance into a chiropractic college differ in different parts of the world. In USA, individuals must complete a 4 year undergraduate course prior to enrolment in a chiropractic college. The undergraduate studies should preferably be related to the following subjects, viz. Biology, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Social Studies or the Humanities. In UK, Australia and Malaysia, one has to obtain a good grade in GCE “A” level or equivalent examination to gain entry into a chiropractic college.

In USA and Canada, chiropractic is a 4 year degree program, conferring a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. The courses in UK and Australia run for 5 years. There are 3 universities providing the Chiropractic courses in England, taking 4-5 years to get integrated Master of Chiropractic degree. The chiropractic college courses in Australia also run for 5 years by splitting its requirements into a three-year Bachelor's degree followed by two years of post-graduate study or in a combined course.


Which institutions offer recognized chiropractic degrees?

As at 2016, there are a total of 36 accredited colleges recognized by the Hong Kong Chiropractors Council for registration.

Accredited Colleges


Can I practice in Hong Kong upon graduation?

No.A chiropractic graduate has to register with the Hong Kong Chiropractors' Council. He or she can only practice after being registered.