Scholarship Recipients Sharing

Scholarship Recipients Sharing




Wan Ho Ting Benedict

Wan Ho Ting Benedict (2014 Scholarship Recipient)

I recently graduated from the AECC University College. These five years have been a fruitful experience for me both personally and professionally. The University college teaches a wide variety of treatment techniques and modalities, which have equipped me fully for my future career as a practitioner. Patient interactions and outcomes have motivated me greatly during my two-year placement in clinic; it has further confirmed my passion towards healthcare and made me strive for excellence. It’s astonishing how effective is manual therapy and its great extent to reduce pain.

The emphasis on the innate ability of human body to heal itself is one of the main concepts in chiropractic education that catches my attention. In a hectic city like Hong Kong where smartphones are taking the command, not only are people’s communication patterns being transformed, the prolonged poor posture, which people are mostly unaware of, is also exerting pressure on our musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Therefore, I believe that chiropractic comes into play with patient education regarding the importance of posture and exercises.

I was really honoured to be granted the scholarship by the HKCCF. I sincerely appreciate the foundation’s vision and strong commitment to promoting the crucial importance of spinal health to the general public. I would not have the privilege to be benefited from the scholarship without the immense efforts of the volunteers and the committees of the Foundation. I am very happy that I have just joined the Foundation’s chiropractic clinic to serve the community.


Priscilla Choi

Choi Yuen Yue Priscilla (2015 Scholarship Recipient)

Time flies, I am going to graduate after nearly five years of study and practice in chiropractic. I have gained a lot during these current two years of practice in school teaching clinic. Teachers’ guidance and sharing have made me more confident in treating patients. Every patient is the witness of my ability. I have treated more than 300 patients and enjoyed seeing their smiles and appreciation after treatment. Such joy and satisfaction are my driving force to pursue this professional career and to serve the society.

In addition to the development of professional knowledge, I have gained a lot in many aspects of life during these few years abroad. It has made me strong both physically and mentally, more resilient, and more careful with everything and every step I take. I am now more mature and can have great tact in dealing with people.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation for letting my dream of becoming a chiropractor come true.


Ms. Cheng Lok Yan Joanne

Cheng Lok Yan Joanne (2016 Scholarship Recipient)

Having spent nearly three years and had one more year to go for my chiropractic programme in the AECC University College, I am now exposed to more varied kinds of patients and have more opportunities to observe more chiropractors and different medical professionals. I appreciate that chiropractic is not only a science but also an art to help people. Many people are not textbook patients. Each chiropractor needs to listen to and understand the conditions of each patient and tailor-make the treatment plan. Besides, depending on the practitioner’s body, all chiropractors and students are actually finding and learning ways of practice that fit their own bodies thus benefiting patients the most throughout their life. The process of lifelong learning and working out the unique treatment approach to patient and the practitioners themselves are challenging yet accomplishing.

Furthermore, I understand that the needs and importance of chiropractic is increasing under the current public healthcare system. Even though in the United Kingdom, there is a well-established free National Health Service, there are still a bunch of people seeking advices and helps from chiropractors. This phenomenon shows the demand of chiropractors is becoming increasingly immense at present. Comparing to the UK, which has more than 3000 chiropractors registered, there are only more than 200 registered chiropractors in Hong Kong. It is imperative for Hong Kong to develop more local chiropractors to serve the population. I am thankful that HKCCF provides me with the opportunity to help promoting the chiropractic profession and education thus making chiropractic more popular. I genuinely look forward to returning to Hong Kong soonest to serve the public and to promote spinal health.


HA Yan Wing Enoch

Ha Yan Wing Enoch (2018 Scholarship Recipient)

I would like to start by expressing my heartfelt gratitude to HKCCF which offers me the opportunity to embark on a meaningful chiropractic career. Without this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to study at the prestigious AECC Univesity College.

I began to learn about Chinese medicine and naturopathic therapy after I had been diagnosed with eczema. In my senior years of secondary school, a friend of my parents opened my world to chiropractic. After a thorough research, the holistic concept of chiropractic treatment truly struck a chord with me. Also my volunteer work in the community allowed me to meet many elderly who were often troubled by pain in the back or joints. Yet, the current public health care system doesn’t seem to work well with their needs. With this thought in mind, I have set my goal to help the disadvantaged in return should I be given an opportunity of studying chiropractic.


Chan Po Yan Erica

Chan Po Yan Erica (2018 Scholarship Recipient)

I am honoured and blessed to be one of the recipients of the scholarship offered by HKCCF. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Foundation for granting me this opportunity to study in one of the world’s leading chiropractic college, pursuing my dream to make a positive impact on people’s life.

As a patient before, I received excellent care and on-the-spot chiropractic treatment, as well as hope and positiveness. Like every other patient, I walked into the clinic with back pain, worrying about my condition. Yet, everyone, including me, all having smiles on our face when we left the clinic, relieved from pain. Since then, I have been aspired to be a chiropractor who can restore people’s spinal health and improve their quality of life.

Having started to study chiropractic in the AECC University College, I recognize its diversity and challenge. I take countless opportunities from the multi-cultural and learning environment for personal growth and development. Students around the world come together for different reasons, but we all share the same goal, that is, to become the chiropractor we have dreamt about. Beyond learning from textbooks and lectures, attending various seminars and conferences enable me to extend my knowledge outside the school and to have a bigger picture of what chiropractic is, and what a chiropractor could do more on a patient.

I sincerely appreciate and share the same vision as the Foundation in promoting and raising the awareness of spinal health in the general public. This is just the first step in my chiropractic journey, I aspire to expand my vision and to take up more knowledge so as to help in the future the needy people with what I have learned.


Ho Fai Yum Natalie

Ho Fai Yum Natalie (2019 Scholarship Recipient)

I am starting year 1 in AECC University College this September and have just arrived in the UK. Being an athletic person (or so my parents like to say hyperactive), sports is one of my main interests in life, and with sports brings potential injuries. My friend, who is a swimmer had a back injury and she visited a chiropractor in hopes to heal her pains. That was what shed light into the chiropractic world and I was very intrigued. Hopefully after the 4 years of studies I would understand so much more about not only how to treat patients with various issues in their bodies but to diagnose and most importantly, to get to know the body so much more.


Wan Ho Ting Benedict

Wan Ho Ting Benedict

The emphasis on the innate ability of human body to heal itself is one of the main concepts in chiropractic education that catches my attention. In a hectic city like Hong Kong where smartphones are taking the command, not only are people's communication patterns being transformed, the prolonged posture, which people are mostly unaware of, is also exerting pressure on our musculoskeletal and nervous system. The recent news concerning the deterioration of spinal heath and surrounding friends' the common complaints of low back pain both contributed to my determination in pursuing this healthcare profession.

I was really honored to be bestowed upon the scholarship offered by the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation. I sincerely appreciate the foundation's broad vision and strong commitment towards promoting the crucial importance of spinal health to the general public, I would not have the privilege to be benefited from the scholarship without the immense effort of the volunteers and committees of Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation. I can't wait to study at AECC University College this September to discover the beauty of the chiropractic philosophy and will certainly beef up my effort to let no one down.


Priscilla Choi

Choi Yuen Yue Priscilla

First of all, I am so thankful that I have been bestowed such an honor by the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation. This allows me to be able to study in a reputable college of Chiropractic in Europe. With the sponsorship, I would be able to pursue my dream.

After an accident 3 years ago, I suffered a serious back pain. I had to stay on bed all day long with pain. I have seen many doctors and tried various kinds of diagnosis and therapies. I have also taken many X-ray, CT scans, MRI scans and bio-data checks. The doctors thought that it was just muscle pain and told me to rest on bed and prescribed me with pain killer and anti-inflammation medicine. I felt very helpless and depressed.

After struggling for several months, I saw a light after a visit to a chiropractor. My recovery got on the right track. The chiropractor performed a series of treatments on my back through some manipulation and relaxation on muscles around the spine. I had also experienced a persistent dizziness for a period of time. My dizziness disappeared instantly after hearing a "click" sound when the chiropractor manipulated my neck bone. It was really amazing to learn that chiropractic manipulation can treat dizziness as simple as 123. Methods used by chiropractor are entirely natural. "No drug, no surgery" are the guided principle of treatment. Chiropractic adjustment was really a magic to me. l have fully recovered after a series of treatments and now I am as active and cheerful as before. I am impressed by the effectiveness of the chiropractic treatment. This further enhances my determination to study chiropractic.

Hong Kong is a fast paced city, where people are constantly on the go, and the highly intense lifestyle brings lots of back pain problems. With the popularity of smart phones, neck and shoulder pain are now common among young people and even children. I believe that, after my 5 years of Chiropractic study, I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills I learnt to promote the importance of the health of spine, and contribute to the Hong Kong community.


Ms. Cheng Lok Yan Joanne

Cheng Lok Yan Joanne

I am so thankful and honored to have received the scholarship granted by HKCCF. It gives me an opportunity to study in the prestigious AECC University College, to equip myself with the technical knowledge and practical experience necessary to be a good Chiropractor.

I suffered from idiopathic scoliosis and have undergone chiropractic treatment since I was young. I was amazed by the ‘click’ sound of the manipulation technique. Later, I learnt that chiropractic is an all round health concept that goes beyond the spine. By involving the nervous system, chiropractic adjustment can exert its effects to other body parts. The practice embraces the natural ability of the body to heal itself and reduces the concern on side effects of medications and surgeries. I was inspired and determined to further my study in the chiropractic discipline to become a chiropractor. I believe that my experiences as a patient can help me better address people’s concern.

With the development of society, the long working hours and extensive use of computing equipment nowadays, the prevalence of muscle strain, back pain and curved spines is on the rise. The increasing demand has out-grown the limited number of chiropractic professionals in Hong Kong. Timely treatment is seldom possible. It is imperative for Hong Kong to develop more local chiropractors to serve an increasing number of patients.

I am grateful for the insight and effort of the Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation in driving this. The scholarship not only offers financial aids but most importantly an encouragement for me to excel and contribute back to the Hong Kong community and improve the spinal health of the general population.

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