Treatment Service

Treatment Service

The chiropractic team includes Dr. Diego Rothschild, Dr. Joanne L.Y. Cheng, Dr. Andrew T.H. Lung, Dr. Benedict H. T. Wan, Dr. Judy Kok Tung Lee and Ms. Jenny Li, a rehabilitation consultant who specializes in the MedX and 3D Newton devices to provide rehabilitation to our patients.

Chiropractic Service

Hanmed Korea Kinetrac KNX-7000 is a precision piece of medical equipment, providing targeted disc decompression. It can be used not only for disc pain relief but also for a wide range of musculoskeletal disc discomfort. It helps reduce pain by releasing pressure on the pain-causing structure(s). It also employs decompression on the intervertebral disc and relevant muscle stretching.

Hanmed Korea Kinetrac KNX-7000


Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a nonsurgical means of treatment for chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. The focused ESWT provides precise diagnosis and therapy of active and latent trigger points. Trigger points are thickened, pain-sensitive points within a usually tense muscle. They can cause a variety of pain syndromes; the classical indications for need of shock wave therapy (ESWT) are diseases of the tendon attachments such as changes in the soft tissue area of the rotator cuff of the shoulder, tennis or golf elbow, patellar tip syndrome of the knee or plantar fascia in heel pain.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)


Other rehabilitation services provided include anodyne infrared therapy, muscle stimulation, interferential therapy etc. which serve to relieve pain, relax tight muscle and reduce inflammation.

MedX Rehabilitation Systems consist of one device for treating cervical and one for the lumber related issues. They serve to provide evaluation and training of in-depth muscular strength around the spine. By strengthening the inner muscles and enhancing their flexibility, chronic pain and its recurrence can be reduced.

MedX Rehabilitation Systems


3D Newton Rehabilitation System offers isometric exercises using weight and gravity aiming at stabilizing the trunk when it is rotated in 360 degrees. It is used to provide accurate evaluation and training of the deep lower back muscles, the transverse abdominal muscles and the internal oblique abdominal muscles.


Regular training with both the MedX extension exercises and the 3D Newton device help rehabilitate the low back and neck dysfunctions. They are also are beneficial to advocates wanting to improve muscle co-ordination, endurance and balancing.

Patients suffering from Scoliosis will be introduced to therapeutic exercises. With continued monitoring of their progress, improvement in their spinal health has been encouraging. On the same token, a lot of the neck, back and knee pain can be avoided when people pay more attention to maintaining their posture and doing regular exercise targeting at strengthening their weak muscles and reduce the possibility of recurring pain.

Therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises