In the early 70s, there were only a few chiropractors practising in Hong Kong. All of them graduated from overseas. Their credentials, however, were not recognized locally. It was through much lobbying that legislature was drafted and passed to recognize the chiropractic credentials. In 1993, the Chiropractors Registration Ordinance was passed and since then chiropractic has become one of the key registered health care professions in Hong Kong.

As a result of lack of public awareness of chiropractic profession and the resources platform to develop and train up more local chiropractors, development of chiropractic profession in Hong Kong has been slow. In 1976, only 4 chiropractors practised in Hong Kong. As of 2019, number of current local practitioners went up to 287. An increase of 283 chiropractors after four decades registered with the chiropractic council.

# List of Registered Chiropractors


Nowadays, the popular use of mobile electronic devices together with the improper postures increases the possibility of people suffering from body pain. Besides, increased life expectancy of Hong Kong people also increases the number of patients with pain issues. These two factors would consequently cause expansion of patient pool with pain in the Hong Kong population. This would undoubtedly pose considerable pressure on health care services and systems. While majority of the pain syndromes can be relieved by conservative care services, the increase of the number of chiropractic professionals would definitely help relieve this health care pressure.

As growth rate of number of chiropractors in Hong Kong over the years has been slow, some chiropractors feel the need for faster development of chiropractic in Hong Kong. They take up a challenging mission planning to erect the first professional local chiropractic college in Hong Kong. By initiating to start a fund foundation, these founder chiropractors prepare to save every dollar of surplus fund for the future college. Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation was consequently established and since then it has started to take the mission of rising capital for future college.

Promoting development of chiropractic profession does not limit to college building. The foundation also serves to nurture more young people to join this growing profession. The foundation generously offers scholarships to potential chiropractic students to take chiropractic study overseas. The foundation also prepares to provide future working and training environment to these students upon graduation to start and develop their chiropractic careers.