World Spine Day Activities

World Spine Day Activities

World Spine Day 2016

16 October 2016


Inaugurated by the guest of honour, Mr. Jasper Tsang Yok Sing JP, former President of the Legislative Council, World Spine Day 2016 was successfully held at Maryknoll Secondary School, Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong on 16 October 2016. In line with the theme, “Relax with a Stretch of your Waist and Back”, the co-organisers, Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation (HKCCF) and Hong Kong Chiropractors Association (HKCA), organised a series of activities for over 600 participants, such as drama, seminars, stretching exercises and photography competition award presentation ceremonies, and invited 16 registered chiropractors to voluntarily conduct health checks for participating citizens. This year, the events went out live on Facebook for the first time, allowing more citizens to view and review the activities. At the end of October, the click-through rate of this online script was over 1,500. In addition, there was a session of charity sales, during which a sum of HK$99,238 was raised. The full amount was donated to the HKCCF for the purposes of educating the public about spinal health.




Mr. Jasper Tsang Yok Sing, JP shared his chiropractor’s advice to him – keep your lifestyle healthy, do not cross your legs, keep your waist and back balanced, beware of good posture, avoid being a phubber and do more stretching. The session of his sharing was full and the participants’ feedback was very positive.



Good Show in Stretching Zone:

Led by Ms. Helen Tam Yuk Ying, the famous TV star, as well as drama enthusiasts, Mr. Steve Kwok, Mr. Chan Wei Dick and Ms. Cheng Ho Lam, this funny drama showed us how to avoid backache in our daily life with a quiz at the end. The response of the participants was surprisingly good and some of them won souvenirs in the quiz.





In the seminars, Dr. Albert Ho Pui Wing and Dr. Claudia Ng Kok Yu respectively discussed “The Relationship Between The Diaphragm and Backache” and “Wrong Diet That Is Harmful To Your Back”.




Health Check:

Backache may be caused by spinal nerves or any other part of the body. A series of health checks and analysis was offered to the participants. It covered the assessments of legs, respiration, back muscle strength, spine curvature and scoliosis.



Preventive Stretching Exercise:

Three sessions were offered on this WSD, participants learnt how to do preventive stretching exercises in order to protect their spine in a long run. Those who are interested in reviewing the demonstration of Ms. Helen Tam Yuk Ying, famous TV start, may gain access to the script by scanning the QR Code provided in the program pamphlet or directly logging into the website of HKCCF: Click Here



Spinal Health Photography Competition Award Presentation Ceremony:

This photography competition was intended to draw more public attention to the harmfulness of wrong posture. Mr. Yiu Kwok Ying was champion of his series, “The Cost of Living”. In this competition, the champion, first runner-up and second runner-up were respectively awarded the sums of $2,000, $1,000 and $500 sponsored by JoJo Walnuts. There were 10 merit award winners. Each of them was awarded a 3M™ FUTURO™ Adjustable Back Support.




World Spine Day 2016 was held with great success thanks to the sponsors, the Hong Kong Chiropractors Association and helpers’ strong support. This was grateful to the guests and participants for their involvement. We hope the public becomes more aware of spinal health and the importance of stretching. See you all on World Spine Day 2017!

Ada Wong
Organising Committee
Hong Kong Chiropractic College Foundation
30 October 2016