Fund Raising Activities

Fund Raising Activities

Walkathon 2012

Report of 2012 Walkathon



Thanks to the help of volunteers, the walkathon has been successfully launched. The day was sunny and the weather was mild. Around 200 walked up the slope from the peak to the Mount Austin Playground, where the participants found a relaxing environment. The opening ceremony began with a speech by Dr. Sandra TK Leung, a founding member of the Foundation. This was followed by pinning of balloons by our honorary guests, viz. artists Ms. Ng Lai Chu and Mr. Rocky Cheng Kin Lok, Ms. Chan Hou Li, and representative from the North Point District Organization.



The walk was pleasant. We are particularly encouraged by the participation of a few elderlies and a couple who do not feel well. We are obliged with their enthusiasm in our endeavor.

With donation of over 600 people, we have received an amount just short of HKD200,000, for which the Foundation has planned to provide a scholarship for one student to study chiropractic in UK in the fall of 2013.


Last but not least, we wish to thank all the donors, the honorary guests, our volunteers, in particular Ms. Jenny Shek and Ada Wong and Drs. Gordon Cheung, Edmond Chu, Valerie Chu, Megan Choi, Albert Ho, Mazy Lam, Jennifer Ng, who contribute their time and expertise to provide free check up for our participants.

We look forward to another walkathon in the year 2013.