Fund Raising Activities

Fund Raising Activities

Charity Dinner


The charity dinner was the first fund raising dinner for the foundation. It was held in King’s Cuisine in Windsor Plaza, Causeway Bay on the 18th May 2013.

The event kicked off with the fund raising sale of XO sauces, cookies and cakes made by our volunteers Ms. Jenny Shek and Ms. Ady Leung and the Chairman report, which covered what the foundation did in the year of 2012. This was soon followed by exercises demonstration by Dr. Edmond Chu.



Thanks to the help of Ms. Lily Ng Lai Chu, a table of volunteer artists was invited to the function. Ms. Mario Cordero (肥媽), Ms. Woo Ying Man (胡櫻汶), Ms. Wong Man Wai Bonnie (黃文慧), Ms. Yu Mo Lin (余慕蓮), Ms. Bao Hiu Wah (包曉華), Ms. Jiing Mak (麥景婷), Ms. Van Man (文潔雲), Ms. Bobo Tsui (徐寶鳳), Mr. Cheung Hou Mo (張孝武,) and Mr. Lee Man Biu (李文彪) performed and sang, bringing joy to the occasion. More importantly, they brought forth the importance of spinal hygiene, together with another guest of honor. Mr. Anderson Junior. We are grateful for the generosity and support they showed to the foundation.

The evening would not be successful without the help of the many volunteers and donors of present. Ms. Rachel Cheung and Mr. Duncan Chan did a great job as MC of the function. Ms. Ada Wong coordinated very well, making the function seamless. Also, thanks have to be extended to Ms. Jenny Li, Ms. Eliza Hung, Ms. Sirea Tang, Ms. Chan Sui Ping, Ms. Rosanna Chui, Ms. Simmy Chan,  Ms. Stella Lee and Ms. Poon Shuk Han. We would also like to thank German Pool (德國寶) , Bioarchitect (美容集)  and Confiserie Benji Ltd. for donating present for the lucky draw. Last but not the least, we would like to thank you for the generosity of the guests.

As a charity dinner, we raised HKD71,185. The amount will be used for the objectives of the foundation.


Charity Dinner Financial Report