Health Talk Update

Health Talk Update

Stabilization of Spine in reduction of spinal pain recurrence

5 November 2012 - Dr Edmond Chu, chiropractor & Jenny Li, Certified MedX Rehab Consultant

Cervical and low back pain is common. Majority is chronic in nature. Though there are many options, for instance muscle relaxants, pain killers, hot compresses etc. to alleviate pain, effects are at most temporary. To reduce symptoms and to reduce the possibility of recurrence is what the sufferers long for.

Recent research has shown that to reduce symptoms of neck and low back pain and to reduce the possibility of recurrence, improvement of spinal stability is important. Focused strengthening and improvement of endurance of deep spinal muscles improve the spinal stability.

If you have chronic nagging neck and low back pain and that you have never associated the relationship of muscles and spinal stability, you should attend the talk.