Health Talk Update

Health Talk Update

Talk on Spinal Hygiene - St. Louis School

20th Jan 2015 - Dr. Lee Ka Yu

On the 20th Jan 2015, we were invited by Mr. Wong Kwok Hung, a teacher from St. Louis School to give a talk on spinal hygiene to 150 F.5 students.

The students were attentive. I started with introduction of Chiropractic, as many of them are not familiar with the profession, before I delve into slouched back.




I briefed them on the causes of slouched back, the signs and symptoms and how to recognize them. We also taught them how to exercise to improve their postures. Students were enthusiastic and some even volunteered to demonstrate the exercises for their peers.

I am pleased that we have such opportunity to deliver a talk on spinal hygiene to secondary students, as we do hope that some of them will be interested in the profession enough to pursue studies in Chiropractic.